Experimental nuclear and particle physicist. These days I'm teaching, but I've spent a lot of time on nucleon structure in fixed target electron scattering and neutrino oscillations using reactors and beam sources.

Been reading Zemansky & Dittman's book on thermodynamics recently. Quote: ``The concept of temperature is rich in interpretations and levels of abstraction.'' Nice.

comment Does a bard have to play a musical instrument when using it as a spellcasting focus?
It should be possible to hold a lute by the neck twixt thumb and forefinger and effect some minimal plucking by hammer and pull-off with the third of fourth fingers. I can just manage it with a guitar, though I can't offer you a melody that way.
comment How do professors learn how to write letters of recommendation?
Mentors are important. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what it ought to sound like they have experience. I lucky in that my place has an official mentor and I have the informal support of several additional senior members of the faculty.
comment What experimental measurement could be used to show that a neutrino is a Majorana and not a Dirac particle?
It'd be worth noting that there are several neutrinoless double beta decay experiments at the large-prototype to small-full-physics-detevtor scale running now. And so far results have been limited to excluding parts of the phase space. I haven't updated my answer to physics.stackexchange.com/questions/28279/… recently, but there are a few specifics there.
comment What are the components of r-hat in spherical coordinates?
Your question is equivalent to "What are the Cartesian components of $\hat{x}$?" You've over thinking it.
comment Breakdown of Snell
"They have their own methods." Do you mean the lens maker's formula? It's based on Snell's Law, Euclidian geometry and an assumption that the lens is thin-compared to its transverse extent. Those lenses are no where near thin enough to worry about surface effects.
awarded atomic-physics
comment What's the point of maintaining a CV after tenure?
"Most people who have made it to tenured professors in recent years have learned how to keep reasonably up-to-date CVs without too much trouble or heroic effort " As described to me by my mentors, you just maintain a text file for each reporting year. Whenever something you can be credited for occurs you add an entry with date, description and when appropriate links. In parallel you keep a file of ephemera that can be added to your tenure/promotion/extra-recognition-thingy packet. That way you always have the data and the evidence. This also works for your progress-toward-tenure reports.
comment How do they know their velocity in a spaceship?
As things stand this remains primarily a pointer to off-site resources, with little of the answer summarized locally.
comment Explanation of graphs from CERN
The upper plot here says what the dependant axis is in words. That makes its interpretation fairly easy. The lower one uses symbols which makes the interpretation much more context dependent, which is where @innisfree's comment comes in: you need to extract some information from the source of the plot to be sure you have the right understanding of those symbols. It's also worth noting the different scaling of the dependent axis: the top plot is semi-log while the lower one is linear.
comment The energy of de-excitation
Watch out for the word "produced" here. Energy is transferred from one place to another and transformed from one one kind to another, but it doesn't pop into existence from nowhere.
answered The energy of de-excitation
comment How do you calculate the expected force of an electromagnet?
@don_Gunner94 You don't? I mean, you can wave your hands at it, but frankly the most that will accomplish is giving them a false sense of comprehension. The subject simply requires a certain level of knowledge to encompass.
comment Trouble understanding a formula in Turbulence
Please copy the text (and mark it up as a quote, of course) rather than posting images of it. This makes a difference in several ways: (a) it makes the text searchable, (b) it makes the text available to users who use screen readers, and (c) it makes a fine-grained edit history available (though that is unlikely to be a major concern in this case). You'll want to use MathJax for the math, of course.
comment Variation of Veritasium bullet block experiment
Note that an elastic collision certainly implies a different momentum transfer. Not just different from the fully inelastic case, but also different between the two cases that you propose. Finally, while I haven't seen the video that you mention without even bothering to link to it is likely that the situation you're talking about is properly called a "ballistic pendulum", and has been a common teaching scenario since long before the internet much less veritasium.
comment How do you calculate the expected force of an electromagnet?
It you look in the "Related" sidebar you'll see many related (or duplicate) questions including Pull Force of an electromagnet. This is a very popular question, but it is also one that does not yield a tidy formula or equation. Sorry, but that's the long and short of it.
comment Can we please not change American to British English and vice-versa?
I find my self contemplating a prank involving a bogus user account under the name 'enry 'iggins.
comment Replacing the homework policy 1: what existing questions should be on/off topic?
The means of discriminating homework-like versus conceptual questions has usual been treated as the difference between the asker focusing on a particular instance of a problem or asking about the concept in a more general sense. That one is clearly the former. And this is important lest adding the "concept" to a question act as a magic incantation to make it on topic. A lot of your evaluations here seem to be about whether answering the question would help the asker, but we're concerned about whether allowing the question would be good or bad for the site. Different question.
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comment Are all heaters exactly as energy efficient as each other?
Not that "heat produced" and "makes me warmer" are not the same thing. One is some kind of measure of the output of the device, the other of a change in your thermal balance. The latter depends on what parts of the space are getting heated, how fast the heat is dissipating, how quickly the air around your body might be moving and so on. So your question about adding a fan introduces factors other than the one you've attempted to focus the question on.
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