Matías Fidemraizer

Barcelona, Spain

Age: 29

I love software and I love software development. I've been growing with computing, internet and the Web since my early ages.

For that reason, I'm very enthusiastic about software development and I'm very excited about collaborating in a very large community like StackOverflow because it's a good place to share and receive new knowledge everyday.

About me, I'm very focused on the Microsoft .NET platform and the Web (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery...), using the C# programming language as one of my main tools.

Currently I work as software project manager for a Barcelona-based (Spain) company called Saak Digital Content Services, where we develop an learning management system.

In my free time, I do personal (open source) projects and some of them are already published on the net:

  • jOOPL: A powerful library giving advanced and true object-oriented programming to the JavaScript language.

  • ASP.NET Calipso: Seamlessly brings rich, client-side programming with regular Web Forms and HTTP features to well-known ASP.NET platform.

  • jQuery Dynamic Context Menu: A new, fresh and simple jQuery plugin which adds a context menu to some (X)HTML element.

  • In the next months, I want to publish a new project to easily create domain models on top of well-known patterns.

See you in some question or/and answer!

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