The Glorious California Bay Area

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I'm Downgoat (previously known as Vihan). I use Brackets for programming and a Mac.

I made TeaScript, because my favorite language is JavaScript and I decided it needs some golfing potential.

Stuff I've recently been working on:

  • TeaScript & Docs I recently released one of the biggest TeaScript updates, TeaScript 3! I've also added fancy read the docs documentation.
  • PPCG Redesign If you wish PPCG was graduated, this is a userscript which gives PPCG a custom design.

Languages I've made:

  • TeaScript is JavaScript for golfing
  • Blocks I don't know how to parse expressions so once someone answers my challenge on parsing expressions, I'll continue this language.
  • HALT is designed for complex string processing

Favorite answers:

I don't visit chat that much but if I'm anywhere, it's either Chatgoat's Barn, the Bot Testing Room, or sometimes The 19th Bite.

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