currently self learning since 2012.5 mostly asp.net C# Webforms. i liked working on windows desktop-application better , as it is more agile naturally ,

I am currently busy making projects related to data driven websites, for a respectable software... company, (this is a line I could not avoid) I am actually a freelance doing projects that helps getting my experience, I try to be creative ...thinking of some good ideas as a challenge, to work and make a solution that will come handy (mostly using c#) , that's how I acquired my knowledge to begin web developing... recently I've balanced my projects to do most of the job possible, through client side , so seems like my capabilities would progress in both direction , working with css JavaScript jquery JQ-ui client side, and concentrating my attention on c# Server side , cause it seems more practical an little more fun, to get on with it in my career. designing web sites is not my better side. i enjoy programming, ...don't forget to make sure that you'd love what you do.

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