Tal Even-Tov

Johannesburg, South Africa


Age: 31


I'm currently working as a lead developer at an interesting company called BBD. The systems that I specifically work on are is the South African Revenue Service (SARS = IRS) and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). It is currently the largest independent software development companyin South Africa with hundreds of developers well skilled in many areas. It's based in Johannesburg but has additional offices in Pretoria and Cape Town (South Africa) as well as Sofia and Burgas (Bulgaria).

My Skills

I am well versed in many languages and technologies but only need c#, WP, WCF, MVC, C, C++, Objective C and Python. Along with TSQL in MSSql and DB2. And then all those other little support ones. Like Bash, Batch, Wix, vb and Java script.

Been starting to wet my toes on the Web side now; specifically jQuery.

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