I Graduated in Natural Sciences (Chemistry & Physics)from Durham University, where I did not cover myself with glory, but did fill, and occasionally cover, myself with beer.

I Qualified as a secondary school teacher, taught for a while as a supply teacher. I hated teaching.

Worked for a bit as an IT technician, kept getting promoted to IT trainer, courtesy of my PGCE. Didn't like it as for similar reasons to teaching. So I spent some time working out what else I could do. Less time for beer.

I Realised that I should work as a programmer, having enjoyed it a hobby since I was a nipper in the halcyon days of the Sinclair Spectrum (48k, Rubber Keyboard). Spent two weeks working out why I didn't think of this originally, instead of starting my dull-as-ditchwater Chemistry degree 8 years earlier. Had a beer to celebrate.

I Graduated in 2001 with an MSc from Newcastle Uni in Comp Sci. Did cover myself with glory, and drank some beer.

.Netting ever since, and loving it. Though I have pretty much given up beer.

I was born, brought up, and have lived most of my life near Newcastle. In June I moved to Amman, in my wife's homeland of Jordan, to lecture at Petra University in .net and Web Development, and to look after their internal development function. I have since returned to the UK and currently work at tombola, where I work in the Web Development teams and look after the Web Development and Games Development Apprentices.

Visit Jordan if you can by the way, the landscape is beautiful and varied, the food excellent and the people the friendliest on earth, after Geordies naturally . Member since Wednesday, June 25, 2003 (8 years, 8 months)

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