Bozeman, MT


Age: 32

I have been designing websites and programming applications since the mid 90's. The first program I developed was a tick-tack-toe game for the TI-82 calculator in middle school. In high school I turned to photography which lead me to digital art and in 2005 I graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a BS in Graphic Design.

After working as a freelance graphic designer in Portland, OR, I moved back to my hometown of Bozeman, MT to join what's now O’Berry Collaborative (O;C) where I shifted to focus on Web design and development full time.After growing out an interactive department at O;C for a few years I left to take on a similar role as Interactive Producer at MercuryCSC, a Bozeman-based marketing agency. I now run Kinsa, a creative consultancy focused on user-centric design.

I enjoy triathlon, cycling, skiing, and running around Bozeman with my black labrador, Eddie.