Age: 31

D&D 3.x and 4e DM (and seldom player). Avid play by chat roleplayer.

Has been playing (°) or GMing (') one-shots of:
Lady Blackbird°'; Lacuna°; Retrospect°; Annalise°; Great Ork Gods°; Wraith°; nWoD°°°°; Werewolves°; GURPS°; Don't Rest Your Head°; Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy°; Solar System°°; Anima Prime°'; Dogs in the Vineyard°'; kp4s°; the Burning Wheel°°; Trollbabe°''''; Agon°; Montsegur 1244°°; Drifter's Escape°; Bliss Stage'; Dungeon World°°; Chronicles of Skin°; Legend''; Fiasco°°°; A Penny for My Thoughts°; Monsterhearts°; Psi*Run°; FAE°°; Primetime Adventures°; Kagematsu°; Cthulhu Dark°; Mad Cthulhu°; Golden Sky Stories°; Invisible Empire°; Swords Without Master°; Magical Burst°; Shiva, la mente berserk (based on Shiva in Steel)°; Blood Red Sands°; Fourthcore'; Dies Irae°; Bacchanalia°.
Has also been playing a short nWoD adventure.

Coordinated and now hepls coordinate a RPG convention event twice a year (when possible) in Italy.

D&D Hall of Fame (in which Zachiel talks about how campaigns usually die early):

Singhi's 3e campaign - started at 1000 xp, vanished into nothingness at 2995 xp.
Paolo's 3e short adventure - too much DMPCing.
Luca's 3e campaign - started as a CoDM-PC, made a PC shortly after. Still no level ups.
My 3e campaign - aborted three rooms from the end.
Marco's 3.5 7-PCs-campaign - aborted for scheduling problems. Still no level ups.
Marco's intro to RttToEE - gave DMing right to me after 2 sessions. Arbitrary leveling up between those.
My 3.5 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - TPK'ed at level 8/9.
Marco's 3.5 all manuals campaign - aborted for excessive PC firepower. Guess what.
Marco's 3.5 premade characters campaign - aborted after less than 10 minutes of play.
Pierluigi's 4e Keep on the Shadowfell - gave DMing rights to me before I could level.
My 3.5 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits - Completed!
My 3.0 City of the Spider Queen - Completed!
My 4e Keep on the Shadowfell - Completed!
Cau's 3.5 Daemonfey Apocalypse campaign. First true level up ever! Aborted right after that.
My 3.5 Expedition to Undermountain - aborted when we got a 4e group again.
My 4e Thunderspire Labyrinth - Completed!
My 4e Pyramid of Shadows - Completed!
My 4e King of the Trollhaunt Warrens - Ongoing

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