My friend told me that my presence has caused a bit of excitement on Facebook and since I am not on Facebook, here is something for you all.

public static void main(String [] args)
 //this is java so hold you eyes open before calling it C#. 

   Boolean HasNoBalls = new Boolean(true); //always true
   Boolean chokesOnRods = new Boolean(true); //always true
   China Moon = new China();
public void fagToTheCore(){

  if (HasNoBalls){
    System.out.println("Moon has2 dads and they make him rim them");
    System.out.println("Clean up prick, dont wake up and catch the first bus you see 
    and come to uni");

  if (chokesOnRods){
    System.out.println("포럼에 더 이상 똥을 게시하고 새로운 코드가 매일 게시합니다. 
    그냥 더 매일 갈 수있다");
    System.out.println("Eyes so tight, you dont even see light");

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