Tom Carpenter

Leeds, United Kingdom

Age: 23

M.Eng. Electronic & Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Leeds, UK.

Currently working as a Research Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

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Prior to studying for a Masters degree in EE, I was a hobbyist in electronics and had been for many years - I started programming with Lego Mindstorms when I was little and slowly worked my way into building electronic kits and then on to designing circuits. I taught myself PCB design and much of the practical aspects of circuit design when digitising a model railway that I have on my windowsill (block detection, control of points, signals, etc.).

It wasn't until going to university that in being taught the fundamentals of circuit design and theory that I started having much more success with my hobby and am now turning that into a career in electronics. Having learnt to program in C/C++ during my first year at Uni, I moved on and taught myself to program in Verilog and work with FPGAs - digital logic circuitry being my main area of interest.

For my Masters year I developed an FPGA based data transfer system based around a low level PCIe IP core (Altera) and in the process taught myself how to write Windows KMDF drivers and DLLs. In fact this project landed me a job at Georgia Tech where I am currently continuing development of the system and have since turned it into a Ultrasound Imaging Platform which is configurable enough to be useful in many other research areas including medical research - which is the primary goal of the project that is being developed in the research group I am currently a part of.