PHP developer [since 2003].

  • Experience of parsing/importing large amounts of data (with PHP+MySQL)
  • Experience of providing full life cycle of Gearman based job processing system (including daemonization of workers and multiserver architecture)

Flex (Adobe AIR) developer [since 2009].

  • Cairngorm
  • Zend_Amf / AMFPHP
  • Mainly WEB applications (not Desktop)

CISCO [since 2010]

  • CCNA course
  • Various networking experience (holding a private server for web development and many other useful features for remote administration and access)

Also good in electricity, not complex electronics and everything else that man should know and be able to do (: .

Fond of photography, skiing, bike and sleeping.

Programming was a kind of hobby that turned into a lifetime job, because I'm not considering to change my profile.