Redondo Beach, CA

Age: 36

I'm a very energetic and motivated, self-taught web developer with a passion for all things related to technology, specifically regarding the web, and how it can impact peoples lives. I love being able to come to work knowing that I'll have an impact on someone's life every day.

Technically, I specialize in HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Microdata for my front-end stack, while using PHP & Wordpress for my CMS/backend needs. I'm obsessed with web standards, microdata, performance-driven development, and large-scale code structures/frameworks. I'm always interested in developing large-scale sites working alongside talented individuals.

Other specialties include browser compliance (IE6+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Opera, Safari), HTML email production, as well as media production in both audio production/recording,video production and photography.

In my personal time, if I'm not catching up on my RSS feeds about technology, I'm reading books about it. I'm also really in grossed with data mining and collection. I spend a significant portion of time collecting stats and information regarding my behavior and patterns of living. I also enjoy surfing through Kickstarter, looking for some project to back or gadget to buy.

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