Shawn Blakesley

Walnut Creek, CA, United States

Age: 27


I love programming. I've taught programming, I've developed medical software, and I've coded at a startup. I love all forms of software development, and most of all I love to learn new languages and frameworks. I would be a strong asset to an engineering team that is looking to be on the cutting-edge, and likes to produce high-quality software at a fast pace.

My self-summary

I earned a B.S. in Computer Science with a Minor in Physics from CSU Sacramento in 4 years. I like to seek out and overcome challenges, and am a natural problem-solver. I thrive in challenging work environments where we're trying to solve problems that haven't been solved yet, and I like to solve those challenges with clean and efficient code. My school career was focused primarily on artificial intelligence and security, and my work career has covered a range from teaching to medical imaging.

What I’ve worked on

I most recently have been working in Java on Android and Windows while making digital signage at Enplug, but I have experience with a wide range of other languages. I prefer to use the language that fits the problem more than the language I already know. Because of this approach, I excel at learning new languages and frameworks. My favorite languages right now are C++ and Python. I learned modern C++ while working on medical software at Volcano, and I find it to be an exceptionally versatile language. I taught myself JavaScript to develop my website, and to create a WebGL shader demo to demonstrate my abilities with GLSL.

I’m really good at

I gain expertise in new languages and frameworks very quickly. I am adept at working in teams with both programmers and non-programmers. I enjoy working with mentors and mentoring others. I focus on creating high-performance software, and writing high-quality code.

What I’m looking to do next

I love being on the cutting-edge, creating something new and unique, and being able to grow as a programmer. I'm looking for a company that expects me to use my skills to their fullest potential, and where I have an impact on the success of the company. I want to stress that I excel at learning new languages: if there's a language I don't know yet and you want a developer that knows that language, I will become that developer. I have grown from a novice to expert in new languages and frameworks at every one of my companies.