Gaborone, Botswana

I wrote a short term insurance app that runs on MS Access/MySQL over the last fifteen years and now we (my clients/partners and I) have decided to re-write it to run "in the cloud".

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things regarding the internet today is that there is too much to choose from but no guarantee that something will work for your needs (excuse the pun). We looked at most of the main IDE's and seeing that they all have strengths and weaknesses we decided we will write the app in raw code.

By default, this has come to mean jquery. But we'll see. Perhaps jquery has too much limitation. Like I can't seem to select a bunch of elements whose name attribute is less than or equal to "Level04" for example. Well, that's a fairly serious shortcoming, if it's true. But, as you all know, you learn the power and capabilities of a language by finding ways to do things that aren't in the box, so to speak.

So we'll see where this takes us. My guess is that the project will take at least a year before the first users will start working "in the cloud". We will used a slightly enhanced version of the existing database so migrating won't be a nightmare and all the existing queries and reports will carry on working.

Meanwhile, let's have fun...


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