Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy

Age: 31

Quick Bio

I graduated in early 2010 in Computer Science and Automation at Politecnico delle Marche, with thesis about computer networks security.

My professional career started as webmaster/sysadmin in a small web services company (~1 year), then I moved to world of programming as iPhone developer (~1year).

Actually I work as junior software engineer in a industrial-CAD/CAM company. My primary task is to update old code making it more easy to maintain and more organized. I've also developed a library for path detection starting from handmade scratches on leathers and helping in developing small features in a 3D software for shoes design.

Little Outburst

Recently I've noticed a proliferation of downvotes with no explanations and no apparently reasons. There's the possibility that a lot of newbies have suddenly joined this community, but I don't think so.

Please, next time you're going to downvote someone else answer: THINK about it, different opinions are not necessarly wrong and misleading. Thank you.