I've been programming a long time, including rather esoteric languages like FORTH, 6809 assembly language, LISP, Scheme, and PROLOG. But my first professional programming experience was in C and 80x86 assembly language (and a bit of PROLOG). However, I quickly moved to C++. I was an early adopter of C#, F#, and am currently working mostly in Scala.

Except for a long stint in the Windows VxD/device driver/embedded systems realm, I've tried to focus on practical implementations of AI techniques in conventional languages. But I've done almost every kind of programming imaginable: UI, 3D graphics, business modeling, database, connectivity, Windows services, etc. I can also do full stack web programming, but I especially like using modern JavaScript libraries like D3 and Angular. Perhaps the thing I like best about programming is that there's always something new to learn!

My current work areas are twofold: 1) using the UIMA to extract information from unstructured documents, and 2) creating interactive visualizations using D3.