Hugo Logmans

Apeldoorm, Netherlands

Age: 42

SOreadytohelp !!! SO has been my friend since its start! Thumbs up (more than I have ;-) )

Programmer since 8088, when I was 12 years old...

Currently programming with : Visual C# (including Xamarin iOS and Android, > 2 yrs exp.), Delphi XE (> 10 yrs exp.), Ruby on Rails (4 yrs exp.).

My Xamarin profile: click here

MVC, MVVM (including MVVMCross)

Dutch fiscal and payroll specialist. Combining fiscal knownledge with software development.

Currently lead programmer on:

  • Loonberekeningstoepassing (used by Dutch Treasury for payroll calculations, Delphi Win32, online limited version in Ruby on
  • DataFiscaal (iOS/Adnroid app for displaying fiscal data with calculation options)
  • Kluwer Memo App (iOS/Android app for displaying booklet with calculation options)
  • Kluwer RJ App (iOS/Android app with over 1000 pages of complex financial book content, searchable and linkable, active content scheduled)
  • Kinderopvangtoeslag (iOS app for detailed calculations on fiscal side of childcare)
  • Kluwer PayCheck (Win32 software for payroll calculations)

Many more projects done, but the above will give you an idea what I can and what I do.

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