Kadir Sümerkent

Istanbul, Turkey


Age: 32

Kadir Sumerkent works as a Principal Architect at Consulting Services divison of his company and is responsible from enterprise solutions and business intelligence solutions. Prior his current position, he worked at Belbim A.S. and was responsible from the connected systems division of worlds largest electronical mass transportation project; Akbil. Prior that he worked at Bilge Adam IT Academy as master trainer and software engineering trainings supervisor for 3 years. During this period, he taught more than 100 classes, delivered more than 150 seminars and wrote 2 books on software engineering. Prior Bilge Adam, he worked as a research assistant at Sakarya University.

He is a determined student and expecting to receive his Ph.D in Business Intelligence in the next 20 years and and his main research interests are probabilistic inference, decision support systems, machine learning, neural modeling and spatial and temporal reasoning.

See http://www.sumerkent.com/index.php/about/ for more information.