Sergii N.

Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 29

Mobile apps developer, devopser and scrumbaner

I am a mobile apps developer, who loves to communicate with clients, visualize progress and automate as many routine steps as possible. DRY, “keep it simple" and the boyscout rule (leave code/project/anything cleaner after you, than it was before you) are top priorities for me. I like to find fun and inspiring stuff in what Im doing, as well as look for and accept challenges in any task. One of the principles I am driven by is that nothing is impossible, it’s just a question of how much time it needs and if it’s still relevant after coming up with an estimate.

I am fond of devopsing and gathering puzzles of continuous integration, continuous delivery and their fellows. I strongly believe that manual work should be excluded from routine and repeatable stages of anything we do. All steps from dev commit and up to the app being on on users device should work automagically.

I am Certified Scrum Master, which helps me to understand why it is important to adapt Scrum/Kanban processes for each customer and determine best practices which can be reused for different projects. I find it crucial to make project development and progress clear and visible to all the participants.

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