I have spent 20+ years in programming, from Commodore 116 Basic, PC Assembly, Pascal, C, C++ (10 years), Java (10 years), currently sniffing C# and hammering Objective C.

Worked on drawing software, data mining (yes, we won Comdex Award :-) ), the background framework of the agricultural data management systems of the Hungarian Government, support engineer for Sun (RIP), supported and enhanced an email system for the Hungarian Telekom. For more details here is my professional CV.

I love

  • data-oriented approach (contrary to feature focus),
  • hybrid platform systems (Java server with web/Windows/iPad clients)

I don't really like

  • super-flexible "yet another hacker tools": JavaScript, Perl, PHP, shell scripts;
  • mixed languages (JSP, JSF, ...);
  • "Big Toolkits", "Mega Design Systems" and famous acronyms.

Along these years I have mostly worked "behind the scenes" as a tool and framework designer and developer. My experience is that software making has serious flaws, we invent and implement the wheel all the time again and again. I am confident that optimal and reliable software design and writing should be very different from what we do today, my alternative concept is Dust Framework - all the plans and most of the codes are available there.

To my great joy, these ideas seem to work efficiently in environments totally new for me (Windows C# and iPad Objective C development).