Steve McDuff


Age: 39

It was on a cold day of autumn that I started learning C++. I never felt quite the same afterward. Gone were the days of patching the loose threads of visual basic. Suddenly, I didn't feel like I was wearing the oven mitts of batch files syntax. Those days were great, men were real men, women real women and memory was allocated where it needed be.

Those memories were short lived. The almighty need for exchange of currencies demanded Java. Oh the horror. Why, oh, why does it take 30mb of RAM for the world to see my greetings. Grieving passed and days became bright again. At last, a standard library that works. I erected a field of SEP on the collectors of orphaned objects. Ideas flowed faster than ever before in this canvas dot java. An army of ants armed with readability spread out to assemble my creations.

Yet, a desire remained. Why could a few lines in a spread sheet outdo all the shining design patterns scattered across the tall towers of my architectures. Was there a better world out there? Where a few statements could remain simple and yet reach for the sky, free from the bounds of tables!

Thus, deduced was born. A small child at first. It spoke very few words and couldn't quite run quickly on his feet just yet. But he had the gift of potential. With nurturing and care, let there be no limits he won't overcome.

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