Mudassir Ali

Bangalore, India

Age: 23

Working as Javascript Frontend Engineer at Aplopio on their product Recruiterbox. Following are the technologies that I'm familiar with

Programming Languages: Javascript, Ruby, C, SQL, Python, Java

Frameworks and Libraries: EmberJS, BackboneJS, Rails, jQuery, UndescoreJS, RaphaelJS. I did get my hands dirty on AngularJS as well.

Database: Postgresql

Other Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Coffeescript, Grunt, LESS, SASS, JADE, Handlebars, HAML

Testing: Python Selenium

Deployment: AWS OpsWorks

I'm into User experience design & web design(I do it inside chrome inspect element but not using tools like photoshop) as well, though not a pro at this but somewhere between beginner & intermediate level.