Louisville, KY

Age: 34

Adam spends absurd amounts of time with his fingers on the keys coding for fun. He primarily codes in C# and get extremely frustrated when he has to work in other ill equipped languages. He think LINQ is the greatest thing to happen to programming since jQuery. He is also aware that they came out pretty close to them time. He thinks life without resharper is no life at all, and was excited about kotlin for 5 mins. He's also an android fanboy who wishes he had $400 to shell out for monodroid. He thinks his Samsung Series 7 is easily the best laptop on earth, he seriously get 8hrs of battery life. He has a strong desire to throw rocks at Motorola for taking forever and a day to do anything like bring him the joys of ICS on his 3g Xoom, and for not ever granting ICS to his Droid X2 even though it has almost the exact same specs as his Xoom. He's thinking these might be the last motorola products he ever buys. He's also thinking he's tired of talking in third person.

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