Mahmoud Zalt

Beirut, Lebanon

Age: 27

Mahmoud Zalt is a highly skilled Backend Web Developer with over 5 years of professional experience in the Software industry. He hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing. And he specialize in developing Modern Web Applications and APIs.

PHP is his primary programming language, And Laravel is his favourite framework. He has been using Laravel since version 3 and he has a deep understanding of its codebase. For data storage he uses a variety of database engines. As a relational database he usually use MySQL or SQLServer, and as NoSQL databases he use Neo4j, MongoDB and Redis. He prefer to use Docker to deploy his apps on any of his favourite Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu). And he prefer to use Git for version control, with Travis and Scrutinizer for Continuous Integration and Delivery.

He is dedicated to delivering high quality code. He adapt the modern PHP techniques and best practices. As well he strive to write easily maintainable and reusable code, that is up to the community standards (PSR). He is a big believer in Automated Testing (BDD) and his favourite testing framework is Codeception. He loves software architecture, lately he created his own super robust architecture for developing enterprise web apps.

He is an open source evangelist, he has developed and contributed to multiple open source PHP packages. And lately he created the open source project “Nextpack” to helps PHP developers produce high quality packages faster.

During his career he had the opportunity to build apps for different platforms (Web, Desktop and Mobile) using different programming languages (PHP, JAVA, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS). For him coding is not a job it is an enjoyable lifestyle. And he enjoy helping people as much as he enjoy coding.