Mahmoud Zalt

Beirut, Lebanon

Age: 28

Mahmoud is a Senior Web Developer, specializing in building Web Apps and APIs with PHP.

He has over 6 years of practical experience, working with professional companies locally and remotely.

He is very proficient with PHP and an expert with Laravel. As well as, he is an early adopter of Laravel and has been using it since early version 3.

In addition, he is very enthusiast about Docker and has created LaraDock (the most popular tool for running Laravel on Docker). For 2 months LaraDock has been listed as the most trending project on Github under the Nginx category.

He is an active creator of open source projects, his best projects are Hello API, Laravel CDN, NextPack, API Manager, URL Shortener, The Freestyle Architecture and LaraDock.

His main back-end programming stack consist of PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Git, Docker, PHPUnit, Codeception, MongoDB, Neo4j... Whereas, his front-end programming stack includes JavaScript, AngularJS, Gulp, Less, HTML5, CSS3, Bower, Node, jQuery, Bootstrap...

He is very passionate about software architectures, design patterns and best practices. And he is dedicated to delivering high-quality and reusable code. Therefore, he created his own software architecture (Freestyle Architecture) for building scalable and maintainable server side Apps.

During his career, he had the opportunity to build Apps for different platforms (Web, Desktop and Mobile) using multiple programming languages like JAVA, C#, JavaScript, C++, Batch, Shell and PHP.

Besides, he has a great entrepreneurial spirit setting him on the mission of solving the world’s problems. In the same way, he is a founder at (an Arabic e-learning platform). And a co-founder at (a rewarding mobile App).

He loves sharing his knowledge with others. And whenever he finds a free time he dedicates it to writing blog posts, tips and tricks. Recording screencasts tutorials. Giving lightning talks and speaking at podcasts. Answering tech questions. And mentoring developers at Hackathons and online.

Moreover, he is very interested in programming and entrepreneurship conferences. Hence, he attended LaraCon, HTML5DevCon, Web Summit and Gitex.

For him, coding is not a job it is an enjoyable lifestyle. And he enjoys helping people as much as he enjoys coding.

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