Mahmoud Zalt

Beirut, Lebanon

Age: 26

My name is Mahmoud Zalt I'm a Software Developer and a Tech Entrepreneur. I live in Beirut, Lebanon. And I'm passionate about building Software solutions. For me Programming is not a job it's an enjoyable lifestyle.

Beside my Tech mentality I also comprise the entrepreneurial mindset, thus I'm living everyday trying to solve human problems with Technology. I'm motivated by a challenge and with my best efforts I'm always ready to improve people's lives.

I'm specialized in developing modern Web Applications. My experience covers a diverse set of programming languages, computing platforms and software frameworks. And my core competencies stem from an excellent knowledge of software engineering, programming algorithms and data structures.

I enjoy helping people as much as I enjoy Coding, and when I see the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, I take the initiative.

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