Justin Smith

Age: 29

I am a surfer, sailor, diver and snowboarder.

I work as a marine technician on oceanographic research vessels.

I develop and maintain shipboard data acquisition systems, real-time display applications, automated data processing and quality control routines, and oceanographic and meteorological sensor interfacing. Additionally, I generally deal with shipboard systems/network administration, data archival, and end point distribution to national repositories.

I have a background in environmental science and oceanography and have learned to code along the way. I began using matlab as a freshman in college and then started using a variety of languages as necessary to maintain/upgrade existing systems. Then I found python and the rest is history. I am trying to get my programing skills up and love to learn how to implement new things. I'd really like to get my CS skills sharpened and get into some really creative stuff, but that will take time.

Other Interests: Financial Market Analysis and Modeling

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