Consistent achiever and reliable performer

  • Extensive IT experiences ~ 10+ years worked in Fortune 500, worked in Series A funded startup
  • Built and deploy IT solutions targeting small, focused to fast HUGE GROWTH
  • Promoted 5 times in career inter-company ~ based on performance
  • Strong business and IT communicator in explaining value in one on one and group setting
  • Many IT roles and quick learner ~ java developer, DevOps engineer, site reliability engineer, iOS developer, infrastructure sysadmin, SOA integration specialist, IT operations manager, technical sales engineer, classroom teacher
  • Process driven ~ Scrum, Agile, RUP, ITIL, DevOps, Demo2Win, IBM Global Sales School methodologies
  • Competitive DNA ~ Certified in SOA, ITIL, RUP and several IBM products, IBM Redbook author, IBM DeveloperWorks author and US Patent Inventor

Software sales engineering and IT professional

  • 12-years selling, building and deploying enterprise software and middleware technologies
  • Experienced in all aspects of growing deals, building relationships, and delivering customer satisfaction
  • Self-starter with strong and focused work ethic pushing deals forward and providing value to the sales team and customer

Entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success

  • Grew up in a 1st generation family business and started various startups and organizations
  • Pride in handling every engagement as a CEO/franchisee of the company
  • Knowledgeable about all aspects of the IT solution through hands on work, IT certifications and IT roles

Specialties: * Solution Architecture * eCommerce and mobile * SOA, ESB and EAI * IBM software * Open Source frameworks