Springfield, TN

Age: 29

I'm crazy about a lot of things and probably a little crazy. I have an awesome, beautiful and talented wife named Dani. We love Jesus who is our King, Savior, and Friend. We love people.

Dani takes photos for people that otherwise can't afford them. I like showing Dani off. Here's her photography page. youcapture.me

I've had an adventerous life. I tried out college, my soul collided with The Creator of all things, I joined a rock band and rocked oh so hard, and I married a pretty girl.

I write code. I love it.

I spend my time playing music, playing video games, writing code, dancing, sharing the awesome story and character of Jesus, and loving my family, friends, and everyone.

If you need some help, need some friendliness, or want to talk about God, say hi to me over in the js chat room. I hang out there often.

I can be too straightforward about code. If I am harsh, forgive me. I'll learn to love better. I'm quite flawed myself.