Neil Mountford

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Age: 29

I'm an enthusiastic developer that specializes in creating software for the web, primarily using the Microsoft stack because I <3 C#, but I'm amenable to using whatever technology is right for the job and I'm always learning new things for no reason other than I think it's fun! As an example I've just started learning F# and am planning to look at Haskell too since I've noticed that I often code using more functional styles in C# of late.

I'm good at Javascript too and know my function declaration from function expression, the evils of == and the madness of for in and hasOwnProperty. Prototypal inheritance is an interesting concept and I always endeavour to use the strengths of the language rather than try to use it like an OO language.

I keep up to date with the latest front and back end libraries, examples include Knockout.js, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Dapper, Solr.Net. Frameworks come and go and I'll always research what the best practice is before starting a project and follow that as it's impossible to know every single framework, instead it's better to know how to find the right framework for your specific needs (assuming there is one!)

In my spare time I enjoy walking around the wilderness and taking in the beauty of nature. I also enjoy photography and often combine the two and take photos of beautiful green landscapes. Sometimes I even set up a home studio and take portrait shots for fun. I'm a gamer too when I get time, most recently I spend a lot of time floating around crashing into things on Elite: Dangerous (I didn't say I was a skilled gamer!)

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