So I have used stackOverflow for a while now, I realized I should also try to help others as others have been most helpful to me. Share and share alike right!.

Me, Hmm well thats complicated. I am, IMO, and technologist. Kind of of the purist form. I tend to not be platform or idea centric. I am an fan and critic of Apple, MS, Android, Google. You name it and at some point I have loved and hated it all!

I started off in very basic hardware and software. Plugging in things, lifting old school iron. Back in then day where iron really ment a gigantic box for a server. At somepoint I decided manual labor was sooo not my forte, Poking around in the, new at the time, NT 3.5 and 4.0. Software seemed sooo much more interesting.

One thing led to another and my love for the web was born, I think it was Netscape Gold that made it all click. and I loved the Netscape Navigator "Gold". Yeah I know im showing my age again. hehe.

My first server side language was Coldfusion, and that continues today. I have meandered into, what is now called, ASP classic. PHP at somepoint, Ruby intermittantly. Ohh the life of a contractor... Have coded.. Will Learn!

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