Shashi Penumarthy

Chapel Hill, NC, United States

I am a creative problem-solver, strategic thinker, persuasive speaker and empathetic communicator that inspires people to break through barriers and focus on what matters to them most. I've been called a visionary technical architect and dynamic manager. I have over 12 years of experience building ground-breaking products in rapidly-changing academic, commercial and research settings.

I am a independent software consultant that can help you with a wide variety of problems including product development, technology evaluation, IT strategy, research, prototyping and software development. I have worked with startups and been a co-founder in the past and I love the challenge of working with a blank slate.

I love to code for fun, but I like to spend my free-time away from a computer. My two favorite languages are C# and Python, although I am learning Scala and Javascript MVVM and really enjoying it. I like to volunteer in my local community working with my hands or teaching.