Athens, Greece

  • Secondary Education (2002 - 2005) 3rd High School of Kalamata, Greece GPA: 18.7/20

    • Undergraduate Studies (2005 - 2013)

    Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (CEID) of the University of Patras Degree: Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics GPA: 6.94/10.
    Duration of studies: 5-year program

    Diploma Thesis:
    "Development of a Remote Health Monitoring System Using Mobile Phones and Web Services (Android Based)", Advisor: Tsakalidis A., Co-Advisor: Sakopoulos E.

    • Hellenic Army (2013 - 2014)

    Special Forces, C Amphibious Raider Squadron at Chios, Greece

    • Language skills

    English - Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Michigan

    German - Zentrale Mittelstufe Prüfung, Goethe Institut

    • Computer Skills

    Web Development - JSF2, Primefaces 5, xForms (Orbeon), Codeigniter, Bootstrap, HTML & HTML5, PHP, CSS, CSS3, XML, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Java EE, Web Services, REST, SOAP, JSON, Apache, Tomcat, Apache Axis

    Mobile Development - Java/Android

    Programming Languages - Java, XPath, C, C++, C#, Python, UNIX shell scripting, Assembly, Prolog, Matlab

    Databases - MySQL, SQLite, JDBC, JPA: Hibernate 3, WampServer

    Development Tools - Eclipse, SublimeText

    Operating Systems - GNU/Linux, Windows

    • Projects (as a student)

    Flat virtual Unix-like file-system from scratch (C) Customised filesystem and kernel including scheduling, process management etc. in Minix (C)

    Bookmarking website (Delicious clone) (PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript)

    Simple chat client using network sockets (C)

    Minimalistic email server/client using UNIX sockets (C)

    Study of uniform and non-uniform Pulse-code Modulation - PCM (Matlab)

    Implementation of several algorithms and data structures for several fields of the Computer Science (Scientific Computation, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Digital Communications)

    Simple Task Manager (Windows Mobile 6.0)


    Participation in Stack Overflow (website), a question-and-answer website on the topic of computer programming Basketball, Football, Running Traveling Music, Movies