R.I.P. Robin Williams.

I'm not going to bother worrying about year 2038; I won't be doing this at that time.

The answers to ALL of your problems (coding that is), are listed below:

Then take some of the pressure off... (required for many, I'm sure)


(Are PDO prepared statements sufficient to prevent SQL injection?)



Q&A's / META

Well-explained answers, just a few; there are many.



  • http://stackoverflow.com/a/26091492/ (Prevent Google indexing)

  • http://stackoverflow.com/a/26153773/ (SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM table)

  • Quote: "It just goes to show that the comments area does not always get transmitted over the airwaves faster than a carrier pigeon." - Link...

  • Quote: "The beauty of Google is not just the pretty pictures and the God awful news they show us in this world. There is always better light at the end of the tunnel. In this case, it was Wile E.'s painted version that got us all slamming into the Road Runner's wall. Meep Meep!" - Link...

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Stringed instruments player.

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