Hamburg, Germany

Age: 41

I'm an ├╝bergeek. I can't help it.

I'm an experienced software professional with product building experience.
Born in the lively Belgrade, working in the lovely Hamburg.

My software background includes working on variety of complex projects on variety of platforms. However, my current focus is the Java platform which I use for web applications, backends to integration systems as well as the Android platform.

My commercial experience includes projects based on the following technologies:
- Java and Android: Android app framework (development using Scala, sbt and Akka; yeah!); social networking software (using Apache Shindig, OpenSocial container implementation web applications - many technologies/frameworks/libraries involved lately mostly using Struts2, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit and Maven2; integrations systems - JBoss ESB and Mule; RESTful web service design and implementation; web portals - Liferay.
- Python: smaller apps using Django, client-server antispam solution, web portals based on Zope and Plone, and automation scripts.
- .NET: stock portfolio web app based on C#/ASP.NET with an JScript API that makes the whole app scriptable from web browser; WinForms client application. With curiousity satisfied I've abandoned .NET platform.
- C++: solution for ORM and a information system rapid prototyping solution that generates a compilable code fully implementing CRUD from UML class diagrams; object-oriented information systems client and client/server apps based on Qt and MFC; GIS apps based on Qt and , WiFi encrypting network drivers based on DDK, NuMega DriverStudio and IPSec/AES/3DES).
- etc.

I'm into web and Android application development, building RESTful APIs, building products that better the society and boost karma. I enjoy refactoring and writing code that's easy to understand. In other words, I like to know stuff and I like to do my best others looking at my work feel the same.

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