Julien Fouilhé

Paris, France


Age: 21

I'm a french developer who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. I'm in fourth year at EPITECH (European Institute of Technology) but currently studying abroad at RMIT.

I'm absolutely sorry if my English is bad, I'm making everything that is possible to improve myself every day though.

I develop with:

  • Javascript (jQuery, Node.js) - My favourite language, I almost use only this one for my personal projects since I discovered Node.js, and I really enjoy it !
    • Node.js (server side).
    • Angular.js (client side).
    • jQuery (client side).
    • OpenLayers (GIS).
  • Actionscript 3 (with Minko and Starling) - Wanted a cross-platform and online available program, and found a solution using Adobe AIR/Flash.
  • C - I love C because it obliges you to learn some basics useful even for others languages.
  • C++ (98 and 11) - In the continuity of C...
  • Objective-C - To do some apps.
  • C# - Coded a little bit with Unity, I don't really like it though, and did a little bit of .net.
  • PHP - Using it since I'm fourteen, I have a lot of practice with this language, easy to learn.
  • HTML/CSS - Of course.

And that's pretty all for the moment.