Florence, Italy

Age: 27

I've been a self-taught developer, in beginning: i can say that coding is my biggest passion, before a work.

I work from over 5 years on .NET Languages, especially C#: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, ASMX WebServices, WinServices, WinForms, workflow console applications, and other kinds of project.

The web front-end development has "forced" me to learn also HTML and CSS standards, and JavaScript with[,out] its major framework: jQuery.

The web back-end development, and the desktop development, has "forced" me to learn database languages/configuration/maintenance: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Compact, OLE DB.

Sometimes I worked with other languages, like PHP, Java, Phyton and Objective-C.

I agree with the anti if campaign.

I just have few years of experience, my first target is learn more about this Polimorphic world, but I also hope to help someone.

Oh, i am also a nerdy gamer :-)