Los Angeles, CA

Age: 33

Working as a freelance consultant. I focus on a few main areas - and one of those is the web. Although I do hire specialists in many situations, I develop many of my projects myself. I specialize in responsive design and content strategy and help my clients traverse this constantly changing landscape. I am excited about angular.js and digging into that right now. I also have experience working with restaurant industry – and I might even have my hand in a few music projects. I should be on an r&d team, a project lead, a contract based consultant, or have my own restaurant-nightmares show for a variety of industries. My critiques are not for the faint of heart.

@sheriffderek everywhere -

I haven't put anything on my site in over a year. All of my recent work is internal, but I have a new site on the way with a ton of writing. You've never heard that before, have you?

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