Beijing, China


Age: 35

Self-intro: Personal Digital Information / Knowledge Management Lover. (PIM = I have a lot of methods to record my Digital Personal Notes, PKM = I have a lot of methods to acquire and organize Digital Knowledge)

I want things explained with original source, recorded in plain text, interlinked in wiki style, filtered multi-dimensionally, and syncronized online.

I currently use Dropbox, ZimDesktopWiki & Truecrypt to manage my personal notes, and I view StackExchange / StackOverflow Site Group as a multi-dimensional community knowledge sharing center. Of course, I use Google everyday for basic information searching and seeking for heuristics.

自我介绍: 个人信息/知识管理爱好者. (个人信息管理 = 我以数字方式记录个人笔记的方法很多, 个人知识管理 = 我获取和组织数字化知识的方法很多)

我需要一件事得到 清楚的含有原始来源的说明, 用纯文本格式记载, 以维基的形式相互串联, 容许我多维度地筛选它们, 最后, 能够同步到网络.

目前, 我利用 Dropbox, ZimDesktopWikiTruecrypt 管理我的个人笔记, 并把 StackExchangeStackOverflow 站群看做一个多维度的社区知识分享中心. 当然了, Google 是我日常信息搜索和寻求启发的最常用手段.