James Chevalier

Holyoke, MA


Age: 35

I'm a technology & music enthusiast who is taking a learning-by-doing approach to web development. I make:

CityStrides. Get a street-level view of your running.

Blizzalert. It provides skiers & snowboarders snowfall omniscience via SMS.

qabic. It allows you to effortlessly handle Q&A for your events.

MyFollowerList. It's the easiest way keep in touch with your followers.

Little Corner. It's an open source project to make your little corner of the web; showcasing what you do, say, and think.

Launch Soon. It's an open source project to provide a viral launching soon page to collect users before your actual launch date.

Donoku. It's a simple secure Heroku-ready Sinatra-based app to collect donations via Stripe.