Manipulating Access DB from Java withou ODBC

Programmers CHAT : The WhiteBoard --- each time I had to Google to find it.even today.

Getting on with Java, like I've never done it before. o.O` I loved Oracle as it's, Java as Sun...when Acquisition took place-> I was blown away so far...


Just realized SO can be addictive :)

  • Active in {SQL * VBA * VB * C# * Java * Matlab ` + interesting questions on logic/algorithms/maths.}

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I am going to use this space for my favorite Q&A: Waiting for this to become a feature.

Like Java, C# does not support multiple inheritance, meaning that classes cannot inherit from more than one class. You can, however, use interfaces for that purpose in the same way as in Java. Still I fancy C#

What is important to programmers when evaluating a job opportunity: it was as brilliantly creative and true as it could get()

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