I am a full time naturist, and have been since birth. I rarely wear clothes, becuase where I live, they're not required. I don't understand the reason for clothing, other than for body protection from things like the cold. I find wearing clothes if not for skin protection, silly.

I understand that a lot of non-naturist misunderstand the meaning of naturism, Naturism (nudity) is not sexual in any way. I live in a naturist environment everyday. Clothes just creates barriers which gives people labels and also makes people judge and discriminate one another (which is what's wrong with most of the world today). Naturist society is the exact opposite of the textile (clothes) society. Everyone is accepting of who you are, free and has a lot of respect for other, the environment and themselves.

I hope that one day, people will learn to accept one another and stop this craziness in thinking that nudity is bad. Nudity is part of who we are, whether we like it or not.

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