Wirral, United Kingdom

If you want to pay me to help solve a Linux/Unix related issue then I'm open to projects/problem solving on a short-term basis.

Contact me: serverfault@douglas.cx, serverfault@1n6.org.uk

If you're reading this after April 2015 then I guess you're here because one of my answers helped you, I'm pleased by that. These days I give my free time to a local charity rather then SE. If you have a few dollars to spare please consider donating to Horse Sense Wirral, every penny goes to helping equines in distress.

I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed by @yoonix if you do nothing else today read and reflect on what he has to say for it is truth,

I give up. ServerFault has been overrun by idiots and people that bought their first Ubuntu VPS an hour ago.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Why does that somewhere always have to be here?

It's clear that nary a single person reads anything here on their first visit beyond 'serverfault' (hey, I have a server! That's the place for me!#@) or even the 'post your question' button. Several times daily one has to ask 'what's your question?'.

I'm insulted by this.