$whoami Nick

Hey there! My name is Nick and I have been in the programming macrocosm since 2005. I have a degree in CS and I believe I have a deep-seated understanding of the world thanks to my passion for the outdoors, mathematics, and anything electrical/mechanical. I can do anything, given the chance to learn; similar an alien visitor reverse engineering human technology.

Current Languages (as of 2014)

  • PHP
  • Javascript/Java
  • jQuery/PHPExcel/JpGraph/D3.js, yadda yadda, framework framework
  • Andriod
  • SQL
  • SMX (server macro expansion)
  • Python

Currently I run an I.T. department for a Global Manufacturer, as well as a part-time developer. My Passion is in the code and the overall design of complex systems. I would say I have a gift for seeing the big picture. I have decent communications skills which allow me to interpret complex technical systems to those who are not technically savvy. I have implemented a few systems including a full scale MRP/ERP, CRM system, and a QMS. I am here for the same reason as most, to help and to get help.

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