Kirill Lebedev

San Francisco, CA

Age: 34

Respected executive technology leader offering on-time delivery of bleeding-edge technology. Creative problem solving provider with 10 years of CTO/CIO experience and sustainable changes orientation; skilled big-picture observer, conceptualizer and developer capable of speaking with C-level executives and technological teams. Excellent in achieving company goals using modern technological platforms.

  1. Java/J2EE/Google Stack
  2. SCRUM
  3. Scalability and the large-scale systems
  4. On-time delivery & Project management
  5. Offshore / in-house development
  6. Technology architecture and integration
  7. Budgeting/cost control
  8. Leading edge software development
  9. Staff management and team building
  10. Development process setup/audit
  11. Strategic Analysis / Management level in-house consulting
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