With over 6 years of commercial Java software development experience I worked in several projects creating rich client and desktop applications, their GUIs and business logic using Java Swing and Core. Also I designed several websites; performed usability, functional and automated testing of websites and desktop apps.

My primary tools are Java SE, Swing, AWT and Java 2D, JGoodies libraries, SwingX, JXLayer, Swing Application Framework, IDEA, NetBeans, JFormDesigner, TestNG, FEST, JUnit and HtmlUnit, Ant, Subversion, NSIS, Advanced Installer, ProGuard, LimeLM, etc.

I like writing effective Java code; have comprehension in OO patterns and software best practices including information hiding, separation of concerns, reuse, and etc. Own quality oriented mindset and good taste. I have experience in launching 2 software products, including my own micro ISV, a Java desktop shareware application, that you may download at cnet.com.

Please see my profile at http://javaswingdeveloper.com/ http://javaswingdeveloper.elance.com http://www.odesk.com/users/~~4760e9fbcbf0812e

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