Colville, WA


Age: 22

I'm constantly rockin' all the nightly builds, blowing them away with my c++/java skills.

Don't rip on Dvorak or I'll lay down some mad hacks, crash your system so hard you'll only be gettin RSS via fax!

I'm down with OOP: Lisp OCaml Pearl Lua, and Objective C!

All the haters always get so damn mad, when they see me shreddin' it in Vim as if it were Notepad!

Running arbitrary precision calculations inside my head, when the python interpreter overflows I'm still going, and that's enough said!

I've got every linux terminal batch command set to a hotkey, Go ahead! Compile that in eclipse! No poser IDE can match my cmd speed!

I hate to reiterate like I hate to refactor, but I'll say it one more time! I'm the fraking programming Master!

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