Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, and specialize in virtual group (online) behavior. My Master's thesis was titled How Social Conformity Shapes Content on the World Wide Web.

My thesis featured a social sciences experiment, requiring the construction of an online laboratory that measured responses to a text article. My experiment sampled a global population incorporating multiple resources, including Facebook ads, postcard distributions, and the integration of Web 2.0 technology. My thesis is Publication Number 1534205 on the ProQuest Thesis and Dissertations database.

I am an invited member of good standing in the Golden Key International Honour Society.

I am a competent back-end PHP, and client-side javascript and jQuery programmer. My latest project is an asset management application developed for the real estate industry. Before that I wrote an inventory program for a food distribution network. Before that, I wrote a guestbook application which clients can plug in to their web page using a single line of javascript, and works on principles similar to the Facebook Like button. Besides being in production on many new sites, you can see TALQO Guestbook at its home page, TALQO Guestbook