Durham, Kansas

Age: 16

My favorite hobby is computer programming. I live on a dairy farm in Durham, KS, that my father owns. We also make really good cheese on our farm (website: If you don't believe how good this cheese is, buy some @

How I started programming... Way back when I was maybe 10 or so, I was very interested in electronic circuitry. I was given a Snap Kit from RadioShack for Christmas. I enjoyed it very much, and after a year or two I bought an Electronic Learning Lab from RadioShack. I also enjoyed that. Included with the learning lab there was a book of circuits to try, some of them implementing boolean logic. Then... A lady started getting milk at our farm, and I found out her husband worked with programming microcontrollers! I was very interested, to say the least. So I met Eduard Plett, her husband, and became good friends with him. He told me where I could buy an AVR microcontroller and told me he would come over some time and show me how to program it. However, he could not come for some time, so in the meantime I downloaded CodeBlocks and several webpages from and I learned to program computers in C.

And so I became a programmer.

I now have progressed a lot from that time, my projects have been many and varied, and I have learned Java, Java + Android, C, C++, HTML, Bash shell script and others.

I really enjoy computer programming and computer system administration.