St. Louis, MO


Age: 32

Osmaan Shah, Agility’s Lead Developer, Javascript lover, PHP devotee, and web craftsman - exhibits a true passion for web/mobile technologies. He is motivated by "beauty" code and exquisite front-end design, and is Agility’s leading advocate for efficient programming methods.

Although a coder at heart, Osmaan was formally educated in the world of business, finance, and accounting. Osmaan graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Missouri (Columbia) with a BS degree in Finance & Banking and received his MBA from the University of Missouri (Columbia) in May 2009.

As a developer, Osmaan specializes in highly dynamic, event-driven, server-push web applications. Osmaan is the lead mobile web developer at Agility Speaks and is the creator of the AGS Mobile Web platform. He is an advocate for object-oriented javascript and “bringing everything to the front-end.” He has substantial experience with JavaScript and js frameworks. PHP is his server-side scripting language of choice (combined with mysql and memcache for storage).

Osmaan also dabbles with linux (RHEL), configures & sets up web servers, loves RSYNC, and is a huge fan of Amazon’s EC2 cloud. Osmaan is excited to see CSS3 well implemented and has an aptitude for interface design using Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to his lead developer role, Osmaan is a co-founder and business developer of Agility Speaks. Osmaan has significant experience in developing and presenting ideas and creating business, marketing, and financial plans.

Osmaan aspires to create a venture capital firm focused on assisting early-stage web-based startups.


PHP, JavaScript, JSON/XML, HTML5/CSS3, SEO/SEM, Mobile Web Development, MySQL, WordPress, Linux (RHEL), Adobe Creative Suite, Lighttpd, Memcached, Beanstalkd, Microsoft Server Platform, Networking, Mobile Web Platforms, Internet Marketing, Finance/Investment Analysis, Business Plan Creation, Accounting/Quickbooks

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