Age: 33

I am a frequent user with administrator and know much of computers from the early 1990's, rooting phones (which requires Linix command knowlege), know how to use .cmd lines effectively, and knowlege of some programming. I have also taken several college courses in computer maint and repair, Introduction to computer literacy, and other computer courses in college. I have also been using computers since windows for workgroups 3.11 with every windows OS that has come out other then millenium and server. Oh and I might add my brother is a sysco network admin with a college degree and works with Fast Pass as a network administrator as well. So, if there is a question I am unsure of I can get help from him if I need it on the fly.

   I also have constructed 3 gaming rigs and I repair and install alot of programs and hardware. I have also repaired and maintained ALL of my own computers and Laptops on my own (without the need for geek squad or those other companies that know little to nothing about what they are doing via a lot of friends who came to me instead). I am fluent with electronics and how to read voltage in DC/AC high voltage, amps, milli-amps. I learned professionally how read electrical schematics and perform maintanence through my service in the US Army as a M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Systems Maintainter. The Turret is all electrical over hydrolic so you have to know electricity. 

   If it matters, Im also an Eagle Scout which served in the Military for 7 years as a duel MOS (63A & 63B) as a Tank and Wheeled Vehical Mechanic. My rank was Corporal Promotable (dischaged myself and never made Sergeant because the Army breached my contract) and Disabled Veteran from Operation Iraqi Freedom with an Honarable Discharge on my DD214.